What is the best way to cook hot dogs with out grilling out?!


What is the best way to cook hot dogs with out grilling out?

Answers: I take them and put them on a skillet on the stove. Cut a slit on one side of each one (turning often). When they are half way done, I add onions to the skillet and let cook for a little while longer until complete. Take the pan off the stove and put the buns open face on the skillet to warm and then serve 'em up. hello the best you can cook in hofen or mean hoven.thank you On the stove or in the microwave.. Both ways are good.... microwave them Indoor Barbaques are wonderful!! I like to cover them with sauerkraut and simmer them gently until the hot dogs and sauerkraut are thoroughly heated.

If you don't like sauerkraut, try splitting them in half and cooking them in a skillet over medium heat until lightly browned. Hot dogs are fully cooked when you buy them.

You can heat them by plopping them in hot water or sticking them in the microwave.

However, the Maillard reaction doesn't start kicking in until you hit about 300F or so. If you grill the hot dogs, you not only give the dog a rather attractive brown color, but you really enhance the flavor as well.

I'd suggest splitting the hot dogs, and grilling them in a cast iron skillet on both sides. Slather a slice of great multigrain bread toast with Miracle Whip, put down a layer of sweet pickles, plop down two split dogs, add sliced dead-ripe tomato, and cover with another slice of that toast. Serve with an ice-cold glass of milk, or on national holidays, a frostly long-neck bottle of beer.

My brother recommends covering dogs with a sauce made of ketchup and brown sugar, instead, but he's a mere child of 53, and hasn't yet developed mature tastes. Dear I Know,
I love a cheese-bacon wrapped hot dog.
Pre cook bacon slightly, 2 slices per dog.
Slice dog length-wise( not all the way) and fill center with narrow slices of your favorite cheese.( sharp cheddar and/or pepper jack are good).
Wrap each with bacon and place under broiler or in micro wave until bacon is cooked and cheese is melted.
Enjoy! slice them lenght wise and pan fry them This was on Paula Deen's show a few days ago, you slit them lengthwise and saute them cut side down in butter. Sauteing them, unlike boiling, concentrates the flavour of the hot dog a lot like grilling them does.

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