If you had to die in a fruit landslide, which fruit would it be?!


If you had to die in a fruit landslide, which fruit would it be?

Answers: Black cherry pie filling or crushed mango Grapes...
wait strawberries would be better!! Raspberries Elton John Yummy sweet black cherries. Peaches and nectarines. mango! MANGO ,not only because in our country we consider it the King of Fruit ,but i also think it would be a nice way for Man to Go. good question , i think probably the ugly fruit just because it would look good in the media the next day " man dies in horrific ugly fruit landside " ha ha The type of fruit wouldn't bother me quite so much as the fact I was dying.

But since you asked, satsumas. Strawberries or blueberries A soft fruit as wouldnt want it to hurt. mangos The malaysian word for fruit is buah.

Their word for chest is dada.

Their word for boobs is buah dada.

Definately a buah dada landslide. Nice squishy berries, blueberries, backberries etc What a bizarre question. Bananas I suppose. Passion fruit. Well, technically it's neither fruit nor vegetable but I'd have to go for tomato, my absolute favourite. A fruit salad would be cool but if i can't have that then it would be blueberries Passion fruit. Then they find me with a smile on my face! Probably Jackfruit, its quite tasty, unfortunately quite huge maybe up to 30 lbs, ...It will not be a pretty death. pineapples as there would be enough air circulating around them to breath while the rescuers came oh thats easy a mango mountain with a cherry on top ...but dont worry i wouldnt have to die i would eat my way through it lol ..... strawberies mango kiwi are my fav i have to say mango i love all fruit good question thanks durian...it's a guaranteed painful death...lol strawberries with a couple of pineapples thrown in for good measure (in case the strawberries are too soft and I survive the pineapples would finish me off) Apples or even grapes? passion fruit rhubarb (cooked of course). Cherries or raspberries. My favourites. Or nectarines, but they would be too heavy and I would have less chance of eating my way out! Or blackcurrants.

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