Would you eat my crepes?!


Would you eat my crepes?

They're homemade with fresh strwberries, bananas, whipped cream chocolate sauce and and powdered sugar. My sister is a very picky eater(we call her Picky VIcky, lol) and She gave them a nine out of ten! I'm really excited about this :D

Answers: In one condition...all of them. Chocolate? If it contains that ingredient I sure would! sure! it sounds pretty good. Sounds very good They sound gorgeous I would them all probably , Well done you . I would love to eat your crepes baby. i effin love crepes. i love them so much i looked up a crepe recipe online...and i have been craving them for like 2 months. I would eat that crepe. damn you made me hungry. sounds great.....
how could anyone resist crepes.
I made banana ones and topped
it with condensed milk it was
good give it a try.... Your description is mouth-watering by itself...yep, I'd definetely eat your crepes! yes Yes Of course anything homemade, that sounds really good and I'm not joking...bring some over, I'll wait!!! (lol) :-) Sounds yummy Don't think I ever had any ,but sure sound delicious. My wife is always baking something. I'll have to ask her to make some. Thanks. I love crepes. One of my favorite foods. You bet! Absolutely! Sounds yummy :-)

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