Can anyone give me baby shower help/advice?!


Can anyone give me baby shower help/advice?

I have to throw a baby shower for my big sis on nov.3 and am pulling my hair out!! i have the cake i have the location i have the guest list. But i dont know what to do about party favors, games, or what to award winners of games. She wants a rainforest theme like mainly rainforest green and tree frogs. its for a boy. any advice will help cuz i am not good at these things to do. PLEASE HELP!!! P.S. if you know where i can find ANY rainforest baby shower things (not to be confused with jungle theme) let me know like websites or stores. thanks!!

Answers: Just some random ideas I had:
- Favors- little bags of gummy frogs, little plastic frog toys (find them at a party store),
- Find a rainforest sounds CD and play it throughout the shower.
- Build a tree out of colored butcher paper to designate the gift table. (Wrap brown paper around a cylinder. Leave some folds and crinkles in the paper to make it look like bark. Unfold some wire coat hangers. Cut out leaf-like shapes about 2 - 2.5 feet long (think banana trees) out of green paper and attach one leaf to the end of each wire. Stick the bare ends of the wires into the cylinder so that the wire side of the leaves are facing up and the wires are hidden. Attach a few frogs to the trunk of the tree and place on a table.
- Use banana leaves (on plates) to serve food. Use dark wood or bamboo serving dishes and utensils.
- Use ingredients that you would find in the rainforest. Bananas, mangoes, macadamia and brazil nuts, cocoa, etc.

And don't forget, just because it is a baby shower doesn't mean it has to be baby themed! You can just have a theme party where you give baby gifts to the mom-to-be. Yikes. She's not asking for much, huh? Tree frogs. I'm not sure where you can buy stuff like that, but maybe you can make it work. Try decorating the room in the bright green color, maybe you can google pictures of tree frogs and cut them out for decorations. Not everything has to go along with the theme. For the game winners, I would get the normal stuff, not rainforest themed. For the party favors, I like to give something edible. My favorite is a sugar cookie that goes along with the theme wrapped up cute. You could use a circle cookie cutter, and cut a triangle out of one side, so it looks like a lily pad, and pipe a cute colorful frog onto each one. Good luck! Don't let it stress you out too bad, just have fun! Well, I have to pass on this idea to. I can give you a sites for shower games.
This might help you with the basics, but with this theme...I have no idea, since it can't have any jungle part of it. I found a site with many diaper cake ideas that can give you a direction for one aspect of the party.
I remember them having frogs and stuff on some of the diaper cakes, not sure what kind of frogs :-)
you can try this link:

Good Luck! Uh, the rainforest IS the jungle. Regardless, they have tons of fabric at JoAnnes that matches that theme. You can cut table squares, etc. and even make napkins if you want to. Maybe you can give out froggy items as gifts. Or maybe look for a frog soap mold and make little froggy soaps. How about candy molds? You can make froggy shaped chocolates. Check out the frog store, they have cute items too! You get get personalized chocolate candy bars for favors. You could probably find some with frogs on them, or just ask them to design one with frogs on it.

Otherwise, you could get foil wrapped chocolate frogs, or gummy frogs.

You don't necessarily have to have prizes that are directly related to the theme. Anything ladies would like is appropriate. Maybe a small box of chocolates or a scented candle. People are tickled to win anything.

You may be able to find rainforest themed party supplies at oriental trading. They have a nice selection, but I'm not sure if they have rainforest or not.

P.S. Congratulations on your new nephew!

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