Fun Drinking Games??!


Fun Drinking Games??

Having a birthday bash....and wanna play some fun me out guys!

Answers: Spoons is fun. You sit in a circle and deal 4 cards to each person clockwise. The place the remaming cards in the front of the dealer. You put in the center 1 spoon for every participant and then subtract one spoon from the total. The dealer will then start pulling a card from the top of the remaing card deck and passing it to his left. then the person to the left picks up the card and if he needs it keeps it if not throws it to the left. and all this is done as fast as possible. the goal is to get four like cards. Once the person has 4 lked cards they reach for the spoon then its a free for all for the spoons. last person left with out a spoon takes a shot and how we did it in college removes one peice of clothing. good old UCSB Quarters , if you have not heard of it I am sure that some of your friends have. I hope you and all of your friends are of drinking age and that nobody drives after your party because you as the party host are responsible so take every-ones keys away at entry and make arraignments for them all to stay or get a ride home with someone who is sober.

Happy Birthday and have fun.

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