Do you think an afternoon brunch it tacky?!


Do you think an afternoon brunch it tacky?

Answers: Not at all. Some people like to sleep in, or attend an early church service. If they were tacky, would all the good restaurants be serving them? i guess it depends on when or what for - but in general i don't know why a brunch would be tacky No. It's called saving money by having two meals at the same time. I call brunch a smart creation. I would say it would depend on why you were having it, but I don't see a problem with brunch at all. Are brunches tacky in general? No, they're fun and different from the norm. The different food is fun, too. Not at all, I have to wake up and sart work late and I don't fancy lunch food when I wake up, so I understand having breakfast or some kind of breakfast in the afternoon is OK. I don't think so. A brunch is a brunch, anytime of the date as long as the food tastes good and you don't feel sleepy after that. It was always my understanding that since "brunch" is a combination word of "breakfast and lunch", that one was held late in the morning (like 10:30-11:30 a.m.) before lunch. If served later, it is usually called "afternoon coffee/tea", or something similar. It wouldn't be tacky, but technically it wouldn't be "brunch." NO WAY I LOVE THEM AFTER CHURCH OR AFTER A FOOTBALL GAME WE ALWAYS GET TO GETHER. bring on the booze with it.

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