I was at a sunday brunch and they had vodka for the OJ. Is that normal for a brunch?!


I was at a sunday brunch and they had vodka for the OJ. Is that normal for a brunch?

it was in a resteraunt.

Answers: We use to go to this fancy place. They had a nice brunch. It was spendy. But heck, the had vodka for the orange juice, bloody Marys and champagne. You never saw a lot of kids there. It was more an adult brunch. One of those things you went out drinking the night before and slept in, not feeling to well. Knew you needed something to eat. So we went to the brunch that had good drinks. What is the saying bite the hair of the dog that bit you. Not sure how it goes. It is about being hung over and drinking again to feel better. yes i drank that for breakfast 6am vegas Yes. Drunken Sunday brunches have been an American staple for generations. That's part of the justification for charging so much for it. And the expensive price makes it more "classy" so the people that do it can just say "I was just at Sunday brunch" as an excuse for being ripped at 11 in the morning. Enjoy! Not in my book. yes - as are bloody marys and mimosas You betcha..that's whats good about them...champagne and O.J ( mimosas ) too,, you had what is called a,"Screw driver". I think someone spiked the "punch." You have to be careful
when you mention" OJ."
Someone may have taken the bosses "privite stock." <}:-}) Typically at Sunday Brunch it's orange juice w/champagne (mimosa's); I've never heard of serving screw drivers (vodka & oj) at brunch. for a brunch no it is not normal It's normal at a GOOD brunch! :)

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