Sweet 16th Birthday?!


Sweet 16th Birthday?

Ok, my birthday is in 3 weeks, and i need to deside in like a week. I dont now what to do, i dont like anything casue i have done everything lol. So i don't want it to be, movie, concert, barbicue, scarvernger hunt, skating, bowling, or anything else like that, i was just going to envite like 10 friends, i guess i could evnite more but i dont no that many people, i wish i did then i could have a big party and then i would no what to do.... ok yea thats enouch talking, my budget is $1000. Make it good thanks.

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1 day ago
Oh yea, and no going to the thearter or anything eather.

1 day ago
And no karyoke

1 day ago
Sorry i have left u wiht no ideas havent i.

Answers: 1 day ago
Oh yea, and no going to the thearter or anything eather.1 day ago
And no karyoke1 day ago
Sorry i have left u wiht no ideas havent i. For my 16th, a bunch of my friends and I went out to a nice dinner and then dancing at a teen club. But I'm not sure you live in a city where they have clubs for younger teens.
How about girly lunch somewhere and then hit up a spa for pedicures or facials? Umm... Is there anything left? Oh, how about paintball? Otherwise, you could show how mature you are and have a fancy, grown-up (i.e. black tie) event. on my 16th birthday me and my friends all got a lash of beer and went down to the woods and got hammered drunk, simply because in Ireland there's nothing else to do. now i'm guessing you're american and i've heard being 16 is a big thing over there so....................... do what i did, and what everbody else does..... get hammered. why have a party if you're going to worry how people are gonna think how good it is or how better your other friends party was... its your night so do it your way and if they don't like then you know who your real friends are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.... ENJOY IRISH STYLE One word: Chippendales for my swt 16 lol we went shoppin i had 4 girls(my friends) and 4 escorts and then me and my b/f we arrived by limo and we were wearin gucci dresses and we had a casino style lol it was fun we told all the guys 2 wear suits and it was pretty cool we had it in my dad's friends uncles bar lol expect no acohol was served unless u were an adult and they did i.d. we had a guest list and security gaurds outside so no1 could come in not invited and u couldnt make a replica of the invitation causeon the list besude the name said the color and deisgn of the invitation(there was 5 diff designs and colors)lol happy early b'day (oh yeah we also had a d.j.) Sweet Sixteen Glitzy Fashion Luncheon

have a luncheon where glitz and glamour theme and the all-girl party was designed to spoof the filthy rich and make us feel like a million bucks

The invitation request to come dressed as hoity-toity as possible – evening gowns with feather boas, gobs of diamond jewelry, high heels, big hair, etc. trim with rhinestones and gems and sprinkled with silver glitter.

you can have a handsome, young butler. He can dress in a tuxedo and welcome everyone
just a idea !!
He can announced the arrival of the guests

have the living room brimming in showy decorations. large crystal vases with gold trim filled with beautiful red roses. several lamps with beaded lampshades. Jeweled knickknacks on the coffee and side tables. And small treasure chests with pearls and diamonds spilling out

place out some china, silver tableware and crystal champagne flutes (for sparkling apple cider)

for food
ceasar salad steamed asparagus
fillet of beef in a mushroom sauce,
garlic mashed potatoes You could have a pool party at a really nice hotel in your area...?

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