My son's birthday is coming soon need help in creating a menu list for that day can any one help me?!


My son's birthday is coming soon need help in creating a menu list for that day can any one help me?

Menu for adults and children and my guests are mostly filipinos

Answers: i say stick to traditional filipino dishes (mmmm...lumpia...) because the adults always love it, even though it's always the same stuff at every family function.
you didn't specify how old your son will be?, so my suggestion if the kids are old enough would be to make a "kid's corner" of food, with kid-friendly foods like chicken nuggets & fries, or you can even do mini pizzas that they can top themselves, and have cupcakes that they can put their own sprinkles on.
that way everyone enjoys a nice, full tummy of yummy food.

have fun! make a theme party? have like a mexican, english, asian or american theme. perhaps you can just do a bar be que which is easy and a lot of people likes it. have salad, baked potatoes, chicken wings, lamb, sausages, burgers, beef, corn on corb. as for desserts you have the birthday cake and you can cut up some fruits. good luck and have fun. If you want to go cheap then you can order pizzas. If you order from Dominos, you can usually get them for about $5 or $6 each. balloon
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foods Sandwiches, pizzas, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, burgers, bratwurst, whatever you'd like that's easy. You could always make Filipino style appetizers and sauces to go with the burgers/hot dogs and they can be made plain for the kids.

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