How many 2 liters do I need?!


How many 2 liters do I need?

I am having a party with 16 adults. How many 2 liter bottles of coke, diet coke, spite etc. do I need? I bought 10, which I thought was a lot, until I realized that there are only about 5, 16 oz servings in each bottle. My 200 pound brother could probably down an entire 2 liter himself in one afternoon. I don't mind having extra, as it will get used, but I don't want to run out. Thanks.

Answers: I think that you should be fine with 10 bottles. That is alot.

You could always make a batch of iced tea and keep a pitcher of iced water available too. Not everyone will drink the sodas. Oh, and you should make a pot or two of coffee, as well.

It also depends on how long your party is going to last. If it is an all day event, you may need more. But for just the average party, 10 should be good.

Let me just add something..I stick to my answer. But for those who think she should get more... I'm a little bit curious. Do you think that everyone is just going to sit around and drink sodas all night long. Have a glass of Coke in their hand ALL night? Even if they are mixing it in their booze... they still won't drink that much. Less, more likely. Source(s):
I do quite a bit of entertaining. buy another 6, that should do it, 4 of the most popular and 1 of the others.... Like you said, your brother could probably down one 2 litre by himself. It is a party.How long will it last? People might spill their drinks. You will use any leftovers. I would plan on one per person I would buy a few more...all adults? Wheres the beer? =) I would get 10 of Coke, because that is what most people will drink. I would have 4 Diet, and 4 Sprite. Think about the fact that if you run out of diet or sprite, people will go for the coke. It is always better to have extra, than to run out. Also, if you are having alcohol, the Sprite and Coke will be used as mixers. I figure that most people will have at least two drinks in each hour at a party, so how long is you party and if you have food, what kind, because if it is spicy, then people will drink more. The best advise is buy more than you think you are going to need. 9 11

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