Teenage party ideas?!


Teenage party ideas?

I'm turning 14 and i need some party ideas. i'm gonna have about 25 guys and girls, and it is going to be about 4 or 5 hours. I've already done, Survivor, Hollywood, luau, and mardi gras. We have a fire pit, but no pool. it is going to be at night. my birthday is in May, just to let you know.

Answers: You can do a celebrity look-a-like theme. You can top off the night with a contest. That would be cool. I think it would be. It would be fun to dress up. Im not too sure where you can fit in the fire pit, But none the less, It would rock. Happy birthday, and PLZ let us know what you decide. Best of luck! ?

(()) Oh, and you can have people fill out slips on who they think should be the nights winner.

On your invites, You can say that 'Celebs' will be there. It will be cute! I do not know how the guys would feel. But.... A fashion show. My daughter loved it. Like americas next top model. It was alot of fun. But the boys can be the judges. Happy Early Birthday. Hope it is great 80's theme
Hill Billy theme
Toga party first of all, happy early birthday! you can't beat going to the movies. but for something outside, you can have a game of baggo, horseshoes or ladder golf. what about a halloween birthday party

You can have a really scary Halloween party by turning your house or apartment into the creepiest haunted shack on the block! You can start by covering the inside and outside of your house with spooky spider webs. You can purchase them at any discount or Halloween store nearby that carries them.

A lot of haunted houses fill the air with moans and screams. You can have all sorts of spooky noises in your house by buying cassettes that provide all sorts of Halloween sounds

Invitations can be homemade cards with a spider on them that said, Come hang with us at ---- Birthday Party . inside was the information about where and when, etc. FOOD- a ghost cake, snacks-gummy worms, cup cake with black icing and glow in the dark bugs.

you can make witch's brew(punch) for them that can sit in a cauldron with floating hands made of ice(take gloves fill with water, tie and freeze good)and dry ice around the outside to make it smoke, with a witch serving them.

Games- can be Fear Factor with eye balls and maggots(deviled eyes with black olives and cooked white rice), brains(cooked cauliflower, chilled, really gross). you can play a game called bobbing for marshmallows, you put them in a tub of water instead of apples, but instead of your mouth you have to use a straw and who gets the most in a time limit(I used 1 min) wins. you can also have pumpkin pinata, which all the kids will love no matter what the age

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