Where Can I Find Littlest Pet Shop Party Supplies?!


Where Can I Find Littlest Pet Shop Party Supplies?

My daughter's Bday party is 2 days away and I thought for sure Party City would have it-but they don't. I also tried Party America, Walmart & Target. All I REALLY need is the cake plates & napkins...I know the catalogs have them, but I don't want to pay overnight shipping for napkins! Is there a store I can go to that will have it? We are in southern california. Thanks in advance!

Answers: I know this sounds odd, but try places like Walgreens and CVS...drug stores...they carry cards and invites and may have this....although not to burst your bubble, but I've never seen them in any of my local stores, like Wal-Mart, KMart, TJMaxx, etc. But I have never looked at invitations at Walgreens, only to grab a quick birthday card...but I do know they have them. Good luck....I know the pressure you are feeling :O)

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