What cheeses are good for fondue?!


What cheeses are good for fondue?

My favorite cheese is Cheddar or Mozzarella, But i'm not sure if they would be good for Fondue or not? And do you have a recipe for Cheddar or Mozzarella?

Answers: Swiss and fontina both melt well. Cheddar does too, but you have to be gentle with it. I don't know that mozzarella would melt properly. The best fondues combine cheese with a complimentary wine (beer and cider are also popular). There are classic combinations of cheese and wine for fondue, try them, they exist for a reason; but, don't be afraid to experiment, you may find something you really love.

"This warm cheese dish originated in Switzerland and more specifically in the Canton of Neuchatel. The dish consists of at least two varieties of cheeses that are melted with wine and a bit of flour and served communally out of pot called a "caquelon". Long forks are used by each guest to spear a cube of bread then the bread is dipped into the cheese and eaten.

Fondue dates back to the 18th century when both cheese and wine were important industries in Switzerland. The simple to prepare meal utilized ingredients that were found in most average homes.

The Swiss Tradition
Each component of a traditional Swiss fondue plays an import role. Most recipes we see for "traditional" Swiss style fondue are a combination of two cheeses, Gruyere and Emmenthaler. These two cheeses are combined because either cheese alone would produce either a mixture that was too sharp or too bland. The cheeses are most commonly melted in a dry white wine which helps to keep the cheese from the direct heat as it melts as well as to add flavor. The Kirsch (a clear cherry brandy) was added if the cheese itself was too young to produce the desired tartness. The garlic was for additional flavoring while the flour or cornstarch assists in keeping the cheese from separating.

In fact each canton in Switzerland has their own "traditional" style fondue." Check if they can melt. You could mix the cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. YOU WILL NEED:


COMBINE MILK,GARLIC, FLOUR, WARTCHESTSIRE SAUCE, AMD GROUND MUSTARD BRING TO BOIL GRADUALLY ADDING CHEESE CONTINUE TO HEAT TILL CHEESE IS ALL MELTED SERVE AND KEEP WARM IN FONDUE DISH that all depends on who cut the cheese. I use a blend of Swiss cheese and a nice sharp cheddar. I actually got the recipe right here on Yahoo Answers and now don't use any other :)

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