I am turning 15 in 4 days-yippeee?!


I am turning 15 in 4 days-yippeee?

i need bday party ideas quick plz...
o and i have a lot of property and was hoping to have my party at home...

Answers: I would just hang out. Not really have any set plans. Just whatever happens, happens. Maybe have a bonfire! I'm 16 and my friends and i still have a blast playing hide and go seek! You don't have to have a theme unless you want one. You can base the theme around colors, characters, movies, songs. Maybe a bonfire would be a good idea. Have a bunch of friends out and get some tents to sleep in overnight. I've done it before and everyone had a good time! Do you like chick flicks? you could have a sleepover. Once again, why would we know what you want to do on your birthday. We know nothing about you... pick up a bunch of buds, get lots of heineys and some patron and a big bong! oh and maybe a few skittles for the hell of it. heheheh happy birthday!!

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