We are having a construciton theme holiday party at my job?!

Question: any ideas on cheap favors or centerpiece ideas?

Answers: any ideas on cheap favors or centerpiece ideas?

How about these sites? You can enhance some of the items by using orange and yellow plastic tablecloths. There is even a cement mixer with candy. Seems like a fun idea!



A couple 2 by fours, a plastic hammer...

in target's toy section they have, with other themes like trucks and food etc, a construction theme toyset in kid sizes for $10 and it has about 25 items to each set. great value for centerpiece with miniature hammers, drills, over compensated sales staff, etc. everything you could use in the construction industry. with the exception of the office eye candy receptionist... ;)

I think it would be funny to use orange construction barrels as tables to place food on...but that is probably expensive unless you can get them on loan from somewhere. You can usually find cheap all-in-one pocket-sized tools at hardware stores. They might make good party favors. What about bows made from "Caution: Construction Area" tape? Or with a little more money, you could probably set up construction signs on posts in the middle of each table or maybe hardhats in the middle of the table. Perhaps you could combine those elements for something that looks like strange art. It sounds like a creative party theme--good luck.

Tessa Somers

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