How many slices of family size pizza can you eat in one sitting?!

Question: be honest!

Answers: be honest!

2 :)

the WHOLE!!!!! i love pizza eh!

3 slices ~~

the whole thing.

6-8. I eat any kind of pizza.

the entire pizza

I doubt that guy above ate the whole thing in one sitting. For me, I've eaten about 1/3rd of a family size, which at the pizza place I go to is 4 slices. Any more, and I would be stuffed and uncomfortable.

3,if I go for 4 I'll probably throw

any more and I get sick.

It's not the size of the pizza itself, but the size of the slice...and what's on it. Anchovy pizza---won't touch it. Mushrooms, cheese and basil...ooooh baby. A lot!

3 or 4

I can eat unlimited no. of pieces only if you are going to pay for that.


4 to 6 slices, if I missed breakfast and lunch maybe 12 to14 slices (I can eat the whole thing!) but it depends on the toppings..

I have eaten an entire pizza before (mostly likely still can) and i'm a pretty small's just not comfortable.

2 not really my thing would rather make dough in me bread maker an me an kids create our own believe me way better cos you put what you like in an on

two for me.....but always like it in the morning if there is any leftovers....

I usually eat a pizza whole.

i can eat about 4 slices with some red wine.

Well a family sized pizza consists of 8 slices here.
My cousin and I got one to ourselves after spending an entire day starved...

And only managed to eat 2 each.

About an hour later, though, I wanted more.

most of the time I eat 2 or 3 slices. But once when I was 6 I ate 6 lol

umm i would be stuffed with two...but since i loveee pizza so much so i'll eat 2 more...i wish i could eat more...i really badly wanna put on some weight

I can eat a whole box of pizza myself!

Of a good sausage pizza, 4 or 5 pieces.
I know, oink oink!

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