What should i write in a FORTUNE COOKIE?!

Question: can you give me ideas of what to put?
or if you can tell me things that have been told to you in a real fortune cookie?

thanks in advace!

xox, Sara

Answers: can you give me ideas of what to put?
or if you can tell me things that have been told to you in a real fortune cookie?

thanks in advace!

xox, Sara

Here are a few...

There is a true and sincere friendship between you and your friends.
You find beauty in ordinary things, do not lose this ability.
Ideas are like children; there are none so wonderful as your own.
It takes more than good memory to have good memories.
A thrilling time is in your immediate future.
Your blessing is no more than being safe and sound for the whole lifetime.
Plan for many pleasures ahead.
The joyfulness of a man prolongeth his days.
Your everlasting patience will be rewarded sooner or later.

I found them here...


There are a ton of ideas there!

DO NOT EAT THIS COOKIE or you will gain weight
Smile at the person next to you for no reason,
Say I love you to the next person you want to but never did
Buy a lottery ticket today
Ask a friend for their advice on something you are curious about.
Look someone in the eye and say nothing but smile
Take the day off and smell the roses
Go for a long walk today
Reach for the stars no matter how far away they seem
Dream about your new lover
DO NOT GIVE UP on a new adventure
Have a GREAT DAY no matter how bad it started out

I fell in poo :)

tonight don't look out your window ...

you are the ultimate human!
you will become king/queen of the world
you will get 34849858748 points on the SAT. you're smart!
you will eat this cookie and DIE!! hahaha.
ummm, no here are some real ones....

you will become prosperous in the coming year
you are a very sociable person
time will be on your side
there is a mysterious lady wating to give you a message (this one is real, no kidding)



You will be prosperous in your financials.

Lol I just had that one the other day lol

don't leave your house on Monday , all boys will want you on Tuesday , your future is within , you will meet the prefect date.

Help! I'm being held prisoner in a fortune cookie factory!

i would write some fun and cute things for your friends things that each of your friends will get a kick out of them for a example a friend that wants to lose weight, eat soup for a week and you will lose 5 pounds... make them fit to each person and hand the cookies with their names on the bags

Noooo don't eat this fotune cookie because it is MINE

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