What makes a good ploughman's lunch?!

Question: having someone for lunch they have asked for a ploughmans, hence the questions :-)

Answers: having someone for lunch they have asked for a ploughmans, hence the questions :-)

A traditional ploughmans will have one of the following; A nice chunk of cheese; some slices of meat, usually ham; pork pie; boiled egg along with an apple cut in half, picled onions, salad with grated carrot and a nice yummy homemade coleslaw. Most important is the big wedge of freshly baked bread.

Personally I use two or three of the main ingredients and sometimes more than one type of cheese. If you are not sure why not lay all the bits on the table and then your friend can pick and choose just what she wants.

no ploughman,dont do sharing food with a hairy farmer

Chunks of freshly baked bread, a really nice cheese, best pickle you can find and a side salad. Hope you enjoy it!

The genial atmosphere in which you eat it.

fresh home grown ingrediants. and home made bread made by hand

Found this quote..."If it were anywhere else in the world, it would simply be a salad. In England however you get the Ploughman's. A huge chunk of cheese, usually mature Cheddar, served with warm crusty bread, pickles, lettuce, grated carrot, cucumber, and not forgetting cress. A huge dollop of mayo, and don't forget the butter thank you very much. Simply delicious, and totally high in calories even though it comes in the guise of a salad, and everyone thinks it is the healthy option. This appears on 90% of all pub menus, and is a true English icon."

However, I think a traditional ploughman's lunch is just a loaf of fresh bread, a chunk of good cheese (any kind), and a bottle of ale. Served with either mustard pickle (which can be imported from England... I love the stuff) or gerkin pickles.

I am British....Good Cheese, Cheddar or Stilton, several pieces, small pork pie quartered, green salad, or cold slaw, and slices of good bread, sides of Branston pickle, Colman's mustard.

Wash it all down with a nice pint of lager or ale.

Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, some freshly baked bread and butter, pickles and pickled onions and anything else salady you can think of.

Crusty Bread, cheese/ham, pickles, salad.

Most pubs, and pretty well every "restaurant" don't have a clue what a ploughman's lunch really is.
In the days when horses were used regularly on farms the ploughmen didn't have time for a long leisurely lunch.

They scooped the filling from a cottage loaf then filled it with cheese chunks, chopped apple, branston or piccalilli and popped the "lid" back on. That's why cottage loaves are the shape that they are.

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