Why is pork so awesome!!?!

Question: PS. I am jewish and love pork.

Answers: PS. I am jewish and love pork.

Because it's been denied to you all those years. Now that you are an adult, you can choose your own food and you've discovered the WASP's secret!


because it has fat in it.

I didn't realize it was. It's always made me sick. Now I am Muslim and don't eat it anyway. No loss for me. But, enjoy it if you really like it.

Benny, your body craves sodium. Eat a pickle at the deli, will ya?

Ummm...maybe because it's the other "white meat"? I like pork but prefer beef.

Because it just eat dirtiness, in spite of its meat be a delicacy.

Because you have found a good cook.

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