What is your alcoholic beverage of choice?!

Question: Do you like them served straight up or wickedly sweet? ;)

Thank you for answering...

Answers: Do you like them served straight up or wickedly sweet? ;)

Thank you for answering...

Sam Adams Boston Lager.

or, vodka and Squirt is very good.

Margaritas all the way!!!

Strawberry daiquiris

Guess (see name).

Baileys and Cream


It depends on the brand Johnny Walker ALWAYS straight up (neat)! Cheaper brands with ice and a splash of soda. I steer clear of sweet drinks those are the ones that give you a terrible hang over!


Vodka tonics!

Raspberry Margaritas with the rim rubbed with lime and coated in sugar... Yummy to the max

We have been known to go to Carlos O Kelleys after dog training just for the Margaritas... heehee

Willie Tattle - never hahahaa

Rum Runners or Hurricanes...

I hate sweet drinks. I absolutely hate them. I like bloody marys. I like champagne. I like dirty martinis extra olives and extra olive juice. I like vodka and red bull. I just hate sweet drinks.

1. Mickey's malt liquor (it's the champagne of 40 oz)
2. beer
3. gin tonic or vodka tonic

for a nice pick me up mixer try the ghetto cocktail

1 part malt liquor (pref. mickey's)
1 part rockstar

drink and drink

I am a champagne girl.

Miller Lite with Zing Zang....

Miller lite..of course!

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