Luau party?!

Question: ok i need ideas,
im on a budget and im having a creative block.
think FUN!

Answers: ok i need ideas,
im on a budget and im having a creative block.
think FUN!

go to
lots of luau stuff cheap!!

Go to the dollar store. Get the fake lays, candles and plenty of beachy looking things. They have a ton of horrible great stuff at the dollar store. It will work for a luau. If you have an old kiddie pool or a something like that set that up with some beach chairs. If not get a couple buckets of sand from somewhere (take it from the beach) and spread it out to make it look like you are at the beach. Lots of candle light to simulate tiki torches (or just get a couple to put in the four corners of the party). Hang some lights (Christmas lights work). Just have fun with it and think tropical!

We had one years ago, here are some of the things we did:

- offered plastic leis at the door
- made a big sign that read "ALOHA" in different colors
- made CDs with beach and tropical music
- dressed in beachwear and sarongs, etc.
- painted a sunset on the patio doors with acrylic paint
- put dishes of sand out
- turned up the heat in our apartment
- made blue hawaiian cocktails with umbrellas
- served shrimp in carved-out pineapples
- made a paper mache pig with an apple in its mouth for the pig roast (a lot of people got their pix taken with the pig!!)

Best of luck, have fun!!

I just threw a fundraiser luau. I had mine outside next to the pool, I got one of those huge room scenes of a beach and put it on the fence.. I paid 35.00 for beach sand that was delivered, I hired a authentic Hawaiian dancers/flame throwers and they also catered.. but you dont need to do that. I have sooo many leis left over (along with alot of other luau stuff) I was going to send it to the troops for next summer, but if you want to email me, I can send it to ya if you have like a po box or something?
Some other ideas is come up with your own hawaiian drink.. I had something fruity and served it in cool blinking colors drink glasses (I sold the extra glasses on ebay for CHEAP, you might want to do a search to see if they have cheap luau stuff)
dont forget the luau music..maybe beach boys or something!
Its just all about having FUN, try not to get so wrapped up in details that you forget to relax and have fun at your own party!

A couple things come to mind. The biggest obstacle albeit most rewarding and dramatic will be to get your guest to participate. You need them to dress appropriately ie; straw hats, hawaiian shirts, sandels, shorts etc. You're really gonna need to sell the idea.We cored a dozen or so pinnapples to make pina coladas with. We used the hollowed out pinnapples to put the cocktails in. What about music? Maybe a lot of BeachBoys and Jan & Dean stuff. Back to drinks, you need to get some off those little papaer umbrellas to garnish drinks with. Surf boards or boggie boards in anyones inventory. Stand them in the corner or against the wall. Have guest bring over one or more of their house plants fill the place as much as possible with flowers and ferns and those small palms. Put your everyday furniture in another room and use your own and borrowed chaise lounges and chairs. Porvide flowers for the women to put over one ear. Sarongs would be appropriate dress not to mention pretty hot looking. Beach towels used as everything from wall art to decorating the bar and buffet table. Well there's a start for ya. Good luck!

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