Was your dinner OK this evening?!

Question: And did you have it candlelit? like I didn't.

Answers: And did you have it candlelit? like I didn't.

Mine sucked..I had oatmeal with no candle-light.
I'm so busy, I made homemade meatballs for a friend yesterday (I dont eat meat), made homemade chicken Quesadillas the other day for someone else..baked cookie&brownie bars tonight and was too tired to actually make food for myself..so Oatmeal (raisins and spice) is a quick healthy "dinner"

of course I had some cookie/brownie bar LOL

Yes dinner was good but I did not
have dinner by candlelight.

Given our woefully disparate time zones, I haven't had dinner yet but you have.

A candlelit dinner is nice, very romantic. We also have a fireplace and plenty of chopped wood, and it is getting a bit chilly outside. Hmmmm . . .

Ah, screw it, let's rent a DVD and order a pizza, sit in bed and eat it. Dinner and a show.

it was not okay
i should be more demanding about dinner

I just came home from Baskin & Robbins with a gallon of espresso and cream - icecream. That shall be dinner in 5 minutes. Dinner will be more than okay!

Oh my dinner was perfect , but know candles lit , i have had Bob Evans for dinner i have had got a salad and a little bit of wine and i have a nice small plate of pie (Pumpkin Pie) and thats it! it was the perfect dinner in my life my whole family was there it was so perfect!

Actually, the frozen cheese pizza left something to be desired--maybe I was missing the candlelight.

My dinner was wonderful. I fed the kids early so me and my hubby could sit down to a nice quiet dinner together. No candles though.

I never have dinner by candlelight... we had antipasto and pizza!

I had salad and a Tuna Sandwich!!!


It was a veggie patty and a salad, eaten right here at the computer. No candles - maybe tomorrow.

It was alright; not exactly healthy though - McDonald's. Normally I'd have Italian or Dutch (pasta; meat and potatoes). I have McDonald's probably once every 3 or 4 months, so it's not that bad.

Not candlelit, just chillen tonight. Got Pizza from a really great place. <3 It was super good.

Yes it was OK but it could be better
No I didn't have it candlelit..

I didn't eat yet, need something to get my appetite going first :D

yeah, it was okay...I had pizza
sorry if this is disappointing for you..but no I didn't

no i tried it by candle light once took 45 hours to cook the steak.lol

I didn't have Filet Mignon with fresh asparagus and I didn't have Hollandaise sauce either and I didn't have a backed Idaho potato. I also didn't have candle light and I didn't leave a fuckin tip.

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