I urgently need about 20 questions for a quiz about food, chefs restaurants wine etc eg who created the toque.!

Question: Brief, not too obscure nor too easy, quirky or cute, suitable for foodies

Answers: Brief, not too obscure nor too easy, quirky or cute, suitable for foodies

The cheese question is good, but I would accept an answer that included one kind of each type of cheese: soft, semi-soft, hard, bleu.

Another good question could be why red wine pairs so well with red meat?

Another good one could be why white chocolate is not actually chocolate.

You might add a couple about cooking methods; what is braising? what is roasting? what is the difference between sauteeing and pan-frying?

What are the countries of origin for white and black truffles?

What are the safe holding temps for cold and hot foods, and what are the safe cooking temps for beef, pork, poultry?

What is a jicama?

What part of the cow do different cuts come from; ribeye? filet? NY Strip? Sirloin?

What is fois gras? What is creme fraiche?

What are the main ingredients in gumbo? What is the difference between gumbo and jambalaya?

How many different cheeses should you put on a dessert fruit and cheese platter; and which one are the most appropriate?

Answer three of your choosing, usually cambembert, blue and brie also serve with melon, a berry of some type and dried apricots. Also remember several different types of crackers.


Slightly underripe fruits can be improved for service by maceration. What does macerate mean?

a. to chew
b. to soften by soaking or steeping in a liquid such as alcohol or with sugar
c. to leave on a sunny windowsill for several days
d. to warm briefly in a microwave oven


b. to soften by soaking or steeping in a liquid such as alcohol or with sugar

Q:Which French chef is responsible for the modernization of classical french cooking and the introduction of the brigade system in the kitchen?

A:Georges Auguste Escoffier


name the 5 mother sauces

Maybe you'll like a couple of these..........

What are the 5 mother sauces? Espagnole, Tomato, Veloute, Bechamel, Hollandaise

What is the the traditional name of the preparation of sausages and pate'? Charcuterie

What is the difference between roasting and braising meats? To roast is to cook with dry heat and to braise is to cook slowly with liquid

Who introduced fine cuisine to the French? Catherine Medici--she brought all of her kitchen staff when she went to France from Italy

What are the 4 tastes of food? Sweet, salty, sour and bitter

What is Umami? Supposedly the 5th taste of food, as defined by Japanese scientists, experienced on the roof of the mouth and described as very big, bold and savory flavor.

What does "sushi" mean? Seasoned rice

Who invented the Caesar salad and where? Caesar Cardini in Tijuana, Mexico in the mid 1920's

What is the standard ratio for Mirepoix? 2 parts onion, 1 part carrot, 1 part celery

What are the 5 spices in Chinese 5 spice powder? Star anise, cloves, Szechwan pepper, fennel seeds, cinnamon

What is Court Bouillon and how is it used, traditionally? It is a savory, seasoned liquid used to poach fish and shellfish

What is Duck Confit? Duck that has been poached in duck fat

What is Tamari? Wheat-free soy sauce (traditional soy sauce is made from fermented soybean and roasted wheat grain)

What are the 4 sizes of eggs sold at the grocery store? Jumbo, extra-large, large and medium (the 5th size is known as pee wee)

At what temperature does water boil at 5000 ft altitude? 204 degrees F

What is a substitute for gelatin? Agar Agar flakes (seaweed)

What temperature should hot foods and cold foods be held at, say on a buffet line? Hot foods need to be at or above 140 degrees and cold foods need to be at or below 40 degrees

What's the difference between regular butter and European style butter? Regular butter contains 80% butterfat, 15% water adn 5% milk solids; European-style butter contains 82-85% butter fat, 5% milk solids and 13-10% water, which means European-style butter tastes richer and makes crispier pastries because there is less water to steam out--the difference when making croissants is amazing!

What is the difference between Sweet Potatoes and Yams? The sweet potato is the tuber of a plant from the morning glory family and originate from Central America. Yams originate from Africa and southeast Asia from over 10,000 years ago. They are not related.

What is the oldest know citrus fruit and from where does it origate? The citron is from the mountainous region of the Arabian peninsula

How many varieties of apples are there in the world? over 7500 different types

What is ceviche? A traditional latin dish made from shellfish that is "cooked" with the acid from fresh citrus juice.

What should you eat or drink if you've eaten too hot of a chili pepper and why? Sour cream, yogurt or milk are the best remedies because the protein called casein in dairy foods breaks the bond between the capsaicin oil and the pain receptors in your mouth

How old is a Chinese 1,000 year old egg? Chicken, duck or goose eggs are coated with a mixture of ashes, salt and pickling lime and are then buried in the ground for 100 days.

Hope these help you out. :)

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