13th birthday party help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!

Question: Ok so my friends 13th b day party is today and we need party ideas asap we have nothing planed for around 40 people and guys and girls and we have nothing to do so i need ideas be 12 today hurry plz help!!!

Answers: Ok so my friends 13th b day party is today and we need party ideas asap we have nothing planed for around 40 people and guys and girls and we have nothing to do so i need ideas be 12 today hurry plz help!!!

go out to the party store. buy some balloons and some fun party stuff. if you have a basement you could move all the furniture out of the way, put ur stereo down there and make it just like a fun dance thing. Also put out soem snacks and drink. Play suck and blow, spin the bottle those fun clasic party game. JUST HAVE FUN!!!

Buy a cake, a bunch of baloons, the usual.

truth or dare

rent a movie.......
or have a dance party

get some sick decorations- decorations always attract people to the party. also make the party area a chilled-out style so everybody can like it- dont forget the music

Tape streamers to the ceiling like a jungle or something and get a lot of colors and a lot of balloons and a fun cake saying that she's a young woman or something....

Musical Chairs!! lol
Why not have a dance competition..?
Just make sure you have loads of food and you'll survive.
Pin the tail on the donkey?
Spin the bottle?
Just some ideas :P

do like a dance partyy! find a ball room like at a hotel and see if you could book a DJ and a Caterer.

Hope you have fun.

Do what you and your friend like .if people don't like it then you know they aren't true friends

You should give out party favors.

break out the billboard cds with classics such as the locomotion...may sound kinda lame, but it will be a hit. everyone loves those songs and cant help but sings and dance along


prepare food and all, balloons. Having a game system in the house would be a good idea if there are gonna be guys. Rent movies. Just have alot of things to do or eat in the house. Dont make people bored. Then if you have that atmosphere in the house, then just chill with your firends, talk, mess around.. I say this is a nice safe party for a pre -teen.^

play spinner an the closet spin the bottel an take it from there

go look up in google for b-day party ideas

Music helps. Truth or dare is fun. Suck and blow (take a card or like an I.D. and stand in a circle boy -girl- boy- girl etc.. and one starts by passing the card to the person next to them using there mouth, the giver blows the card out the receiver sucks so they don't drop the card, if the card falls you end up touching lips with the person.)

always have music playing and hope someone will dance.
go in a hot tub if you can.
play a goodd truth or dare.
have a scavenger hunt and split people up and go to doors asking for random things. you can ask for some really funny or innappropriate items you know they wouldnt give you to see their reactions and laugh about it.
if you can go out of the neighborhood, then go to like a mall or somewhere and have a typed list for the split up groups and try to see who can do everything the fastest. and one person in each group should have a digital camera to get proof that they did whatever everything is, like take a picture with a hot guy/girl or yell random stuff in a crowded store.

truth or dare, music, decorations, food, dessert, party favors, think of games you like to play wen they get over.

First take a deep breath. Now buy: a cake (this has to be the first thing on your list) customize it with your friends name, some chips, sodas, disposable plates and glasses (you don't what to be spending all day tomorrow cleaning), serpentine, balloons. If you want to you can order pizza or some food that your friend likes. If you don't know someone with a killer sound system don't despair, just get a computers speakers, and you Ipod or mp3 player of choice, load it with your friends favoruite songs. And have fun!!!

Make sure cake (try cheescake or chocolate cake to be safe) and drinks (juice, coffee, soda, something!) ready.
Make sure plates and table cloths are ready.
Make sure you've got some music - (i don't know what kind of music your friends like)
Make sure presents (if you absolutely don't know what to give her or him - clothes, handbag, videogame, shoes, accesories
If it is a girl, do relaxed but interesting not exactly bubblegum pink and purple tablecloth and themes. Or ocean theme green and blue. If it is a boy - I'd say your best bet is blue or even black with red.
Make sure balloons match the theme color (pink with purple or black with red or blue with green)
Curl some ribbons (take some string use one end of scissors and cause friction on ribbon using sharp side of siccisors)
Ribbons should match the theme color.
I don't know where your party is taking place but if you have lots of tables and chairs - put 3 or 4 or 5 chairs with one table in a certain patter (triangle is best)
Have a gift bag (tissue paper with gift bags, colors should match theme color) filled with little stuff to give away to guests when they leave. Fill with say small accesories, treat, candy, something, whatever you can think of. Doesn't have to be big.

Hey well there's lots of things you can do out and in well you could play games at home dance and that sort of thing. Or you could have like rented a beach house and have a big party up the on the beach girls get half and boys get half that would be fun with so little notice there's nothing else i can do.

Nothing done in a rush is going to turn out well but we can try.
See if you can either get a caterer or rent a room at Shakeys or McDonalds. Do not know much about your "new" teenager but most young people want to be older....be a accepted as a young man or young lady, no longer be considered a "child". Make this a coming of age celebration. Honor them as no longer being a child.

Give your party a music theme and the games and activities will practically plan themselves. Play Name That Tune, do some Karaoke, have a Dance Contest, and host a Trivia game in keeping with the theme. For more ideas, check out GAMES PEOPLE PLAY in the Party411 Bookstore.

If you need Dares for a Truth or Dare game, try some of these from my book, KIDS' PARTY GAMES AND ACTIVITIES, available in the Party411 Bookstore. 1. Act like a famous movie star, 2. Lip-sync a rock song, 3. Dress backwards, 4. Say a ten-word sentence in reverse, 5. Call you mom and apologize for the last bad thing you did, 6. Eat something you hate like broccoli, 7. Tell a secret you've never shared before, 8. Dance the latest dance to a whole song, 9. Put makeup on without looking, 10. Act out the name of a movie. That should get you started.

Tape record a bunch of commercials from TV, being sure not to record the name of the product. Space them out a bit on the tape with some blank tape in between, then play the tape back at the party and let them all race to guess the name of the product. You can do this with video tape if you prefer, and play the tape back on your VCR. You can also tape record bits of TV shows instead of commercials, for fun.

You could play a variation on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, or using felt-tip pens and a large body outline of yourself, have them do your surgery - with their EYES CLOSED! Then pass around "body parts." Place food items, such as two peeled grapes for eyes, popcorn kernels for teeth, an apricot half for the liver, and so on, then have everyone feel inside paper bags and try to guess what they are really feeling, as you identify them as body parts! Good luck with your surgery! have them try to guess what they are feeling.

How about "Dangers in the Dark!" Cover Player 1's eyes with a blindfold. Have remaining players create an obstacle course in the game room. When the room is booby-trapped, give each player an index card and have them stand next to or behind an obstacle. Move Player 1 to the starting point, and tell him or her to collect a card from each player in the room as he moves along the obstacle course. Turn out the lights, then tell the players to call Player 1 to come and get the index card. Player 1 must follow their voices to find them as quickly as possible, while being careful to avoid the obstacles in the room. Mark the time it took to collect the cards, then let another player try a new course. The player with the shortest time wins a prize!

If you have invited 40 people, you can be sure that many more than that will show up. Have some adults handy to help you deal with the excess people if things get out of hand.

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