Good ideas for kids party games please!?!

Question: I am hosting a 7yr old's birthday party, there will be 8 children in all, and they will be at our home.
Have you any ideas for good party games, the only one our gaughter tells me is Pass the parcel!!

thanks in anticipation...

Answers: I am hosting a 7yr old's birthday party, there will be 8 children in all, and they will be at our home.
Have you any ideas for good party games, the only one our gaughter tells me is Pass the parcel!!

thanks in anticipation...

1:Blind mans bluff
2:ask 20 questions about the Birthday person and see which one has the most correct....Like fave color or fave food etc...
3:I used to love making up games like a golf hole and see if anyone can putt the ball in it,,,
4:I would have balloon races ,,have them kick a balloon over a line a distance away and 1st one without breaking it would win
5:have them draw something with their eyes closed ,,vote best to win prize
6:I make cupcakes and bake a coin wrapped in wax paper the one that gets the penny wins the others keep the quaters or dimes etc...THEY LOVED THAT ONE!! all win something money or the prize
7:Guess how many jelly beans or gum balls in a jar,,,,closest wins the jar of candy or a prize
8: clothes pins in a bottle,,,,have them stand up straight and have 3 or 5 wooden clothespins and let them try to drop them in a empty bottle like for juice,,,(we used old milk bottles)

pinata, pin the tail on the donkey

Pin the tail on the donkey

Give them a prize for who can stay the quietest for longest!

pin the tail on the donkey
musical chairs
dumb charades

Musical chairs.
Apple bobbing but with sweets?

Bobbing for apples, pinata, twister, hot potato (is that the same as pass the parcel?) and spin the bottle (kidding!)

trip to Jerusalem that would be fun! and bring me!

get say a gallon milk jug, have the kids stand with it between their feet, and try to drop clothespins into the bottle, give each child 3-5 clothes pins and then the one who gets the most in gets a prize..etc.

red light green light

pin the tail on the donkey

hit the pot is really the best

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is always fun. Also, pinyatas are always good entertainment. Anything that involves arts and crafts is good.
My suggestion would be to go to Google and type in "games for childrens' birthday parties" or something of that nature.


how many ballons can you pop in a minute, beware you will need earmuffs!!

Musical chairs is always a good one .

You could hide a prize in the room, and the kids have to find it (treasure hunt)... whoever finds it, wins it!

get a clown or a magician..... another good game albeit kinda goofy is duck duck goose..

party games are not in fasion anymore. even though i am 14 i am sure that nintendo or somthin like that would keep the kids calm. maybe TV but party games are kind of out of style.

blow up balloons
put them in a baby pool (keeping the mess in an easy clean up area)
have the kids pop them with only sitting on them, no hands allowed.
by the time they are done, they will not care if there is a winner or not.

pinatas are always a hit. but try to limit # of hits, try to let all the children get a swing.

my kids loved
pin the tail on the donkey
pass the parcel is good but to keep all the kids happy put a sweet in each layer of paper and maybe a fun size bar for the winner
musical statues, chairs etc
simon says

just found a good website for you
im sure you'll enjoy the party

These are all cool sites with a lot of good ideas
Here is a simon says variation:

Here is an adaptation of the very old children's game, Simon Sez. To make it magical instead of Simon Sez we use the Wizard Sez. Have all of the children line up on one side of the room with an adult on the other side. The adult will say "The Wizard Sez, raise your right arm" All the children raise their right arm. The adult says, "Lower your right arm" but does not say "The Wizard Sez" first. Any child who lowers his right arm is Out. The commands keep coming until only one child is left and he is the winner. Other suggested commands are: Raise both arms. Raise your right knee. Stand on your toes. Turn left, Look up," and any others you can think of. If you give out prizes give out more than one, for instance give a prize to the last two or three left in.

Good Luck

Wink murder.

pin the tail on the donkney
bean bag toss
drop the clothes pin in a bottle
go on a treasure hunt
guess how many
Red Rover
Hot Potato
Simon Says
Duck, Duck, Goose

Wrap a gift 10 - 20 times before the party

Get everyone in a circle

When music starts, they pass around the gift

When music stops, whoever has the gift in his/her hand tries to open it with a mitten, glove, etc., in 10-15 seconds.

When time is up, play the music again.

Repeat this cycle until the gift is open and that person wins the gift.

It was halarious. My 13-year-old had a blast.

If you want everyone get a gift, put 8 gifts in one gift box.

Scavenger or Treasure Hunt: have simple clues written and the 'treasures' hidden ahead of time. I used to have the kids divide into teams of 2 or 3.

Pop the Balloon Surprise: Slip a small, folded, piece of paper with a number on it, into balloons before you inflate the balloon. The kids sit on the balloons to pop them, retrieve the paper, and get a small wrapped treat/gift that matches the number on the paper.

Do a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Maybe something related to the birthday party theme. Like crown the princess, or put the pom-pom in the cheerleader's hand, or give the kitty a toy, ect. You can find posters or print out a poster size photo. Blindfold the kids, use stickers instead of pins and have their names on their stickers.

Decorate your own cupcakes. Have the cupcakes baked and iced. Then allow each kid to use the small colored decorating gels and candy to decorate their own cup cake.

In-the-bag Relay Race: Each team has a bag, tote, or backpack. Each bag has items to place in it (stuffed animals, balloons, balls, anything you'd like). Each player must fill the bag, race to the next player and dump the bag, then pass the bag on. The next player must find all the items, fill the bag and go on either to the next player or to the finish line.

Variation on hot potato: Use a lighted ball, glow stick, or blinking flash light. Kids sit in a circle and pass the light while music plays. The person holding the light when the music stops is out....and the gets to be the next person who plays and stop the music for the next round. The first and last players out get to sit next to the birthday girl when the birthday cake comes out.

This one is messy....but my kids and their friends loved it:

Silly Sundaes: Divide the kids into teams of 2 or 3. Set up ice cream and fixings on a table. Blindfold one team member. The players without a blindfold must tell the blindfolded player where the ingredients are to build their Sundae....they may not touch the blindfolded player or anything on the table. The team with the most ingredients actually in the bowl for the Sundae wins.

blow up lots of balloons and tie them to peoples feet and everyone else has to burst the other persons balloon and the person with the last balloon is the winner

what is pass the parcel?

i don't know if this is the same thing but...
you could wrap a prize in wrapping paper, masking tape, string etc.. play music, have the children sit in a circle and pass the prize around. when the music stops, the child that is holding it starts unwrapping....when the music starts again, the prize continues being passed. whichever child unwraps the last layer gets the prize.

the classic pin the tail on the donkey

if you have a yard, hide a bunch of little things (you could go to a doller store and get a bunch of yellow things) set a timer and whoever comes back with the most things wins a prize.

musical chairs

simon says

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