I'm hosting an informal dinner party. I need help regarding two guests that don't get along?!

Question: Would it be innapropriate to sit them directly next to each other? My logic here is that they will either duke it out or see they shouldnt be arguing, and the show will be a win win for everybody, right?

Answers: Would it be innapropriate to sit them directly next to each other? My logic here is that they will either duke it out or see they shouldnt be arguing, and the show will be a win win for everybody, right?

I think you should set them some homework assignments asking them the 5 top things they hate about each other and the top 5 things that are good about each other. Have them bring their answers to the party. Have them read their answers out loud. This will be a kind of entertainment for the rest of the crowd while being therapeutic for the two who dislike each other. THEN when they are beginning to get along, and the party begins to be hum-drum, start a rumour that one of them said something about the other one, and sit back for a night of amusement and joy!

Go for it, but be ready to have a spoiled dinner party.

No definitely do NOT put them next to each other. What the heck kind of host are you if you think watching two people fight is appropriate entertainment. It's just going to make everyone uncomfortable.

Man, wuz wrong wit you?

Don't sit them next to each other!

Make them sit far away.
Think about it, what if it was you and your enemy?

If that was me id prolly punch them..and you.

No. As host, it is your duty to see that your guests have a good time. You obviously know that these two do not get along. To seat them near each other is not only flirting with disaster, it's unkind and humiliating. Seat them as far apart as you can and try to draw them into the conversation. But don't expect them to come out best friends. Leave it alone. That is up to them.

put them very far away from each other!

I wouldn't invite both of them to the same party if there is going to be problems.

If you want your party ruined, go ahead and put these two in close proximity to each other. I don't know why you would want to invite two people to a party that don't get along.

I would probably not have invited them both to the same party, but since you have I would suggest keeping them as far away from each other as possible and hope that things don't turn nasty as the night goes on. Hopefully they are mature enough to be civil to on another.

Hmm. I would be uncomfortable if I was one of the guests who didnt like the other. I think it would be better to put one on each side of you.

Don't do it, it is not the time or place for them to solve their problems, try to keep them apart and that they both have someone to talk to.

If you are the one who does not get along with them, how is sitting the two of them together going to make them see they shouldn't argue? And, why are they invited anyways? If it is your party, I would count them out if at all possible. If they show up and start anything , I would tell them that you are not tolerating it and ask them to leave. Why damper the party mood? Good Luck

Nope, you're wrong already. The first rule for a party of any sort is to select a compatible guest list. Do not invite people who don't like each other. The other guests will be uncomfortable, and nobody will have a good time.
People love my parties - macaroni & cheese is the best I cook, but my guests go home smiling because I choose the list carefully & respectfully.

Why are you even inviting 2 people who can't get along. You should have invited one this time, and the other the next time.

Seat them apart from each other. There'll be enogh tension to cut w/ a knife w/o them being neighbors for a meal.

My opinion is that sitting them next to each other would be uncomfortable for both them and the people next to them. My suggestion would be to sit them diagonally opposite each other so that they don't have to talk to each other if the don't want , but they may be able to be drawn into a conversation together if they want. This way they may see that they have more in common then they think and it may start mending the bridges.

Sit someone inbetween them unless you want the evening gala to be a four fisted fight... heehee. Your guests should respect that this is your party and behave themselves...

Not everyone likes everyone else... don't push the buttons here kiddo.. hahahhaa

Hottttt doggggg

The only thing you're going to get by putting them next to each other is WW!!!. So do yourself and everyone around them a favor, and seat them at opposite ends of the table or don't invite them.


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