Middle school party theme's?!

Question: I am in middle school and in two weeks i will be throwing my b-day party, i have a lot of great idea's but no theme, any idea's?

Answers: I am in middle school and in two weeks i will be throwing my b-day party, i have a lot of great idea's but no theme, any idea's?

black and white, 80's, Hollywood, rock stars, luau, casino night, cowboy
do you have a favorite movie or TV show? you can do it around that. Is it just for girls or boys too? If just girls you can do a spa theme and do facials and nails and stuff. you could hire a tarot card reader to come give fortunes.
if with boys involved I'd suggest going bowling or skating, or a fun pizza place, keep them busy!

thats always fun

Do a big "Red Carpet" theme!!! You could Make awards for the best hair, best "queen in a drama":) Tons of possibilities!!!!!!!!!

Trying to plan a middle school dance is hard.
Unless your planning on having a DJ, tons of people and a rented out dance hall/community center recreation room its going to be difficult to get the guests to actually dance.

*Some people think they dont need a DJ, just an ipod and huge speakers, but that creats problems. Heres why, people end up complaining about what selection that persons ipod has, people randoming and constantly insist on changing the song to what they like(usually a full song cant be played without interruption), and also there will be a gap in between each song which will make people get out of the groove and stop dancing which is lame. Your goal is to keep the partay goin'. :)

Also, dances have to be dark for people to feel more comfortable dancing, so putting black paper or thick curtains on any windows would be a must.

I have held dances like that and even with the recommendations I had in paragraph 1, guys never go with the theme. Girls tend to get really into it and dress head to toe in retro or whatever the theme is.

Here are some themes(more like dress codes) for dances anyways:
-neon/retro (easy to dance in spandex and fun colors)
-all white (then have UV lights everywhere so people glow)
-"where the wild things are" animal prints/jungle mania

Whenever my friends and I want a huge party with a bunch of friends we just have everybody over at the house with the biggest basement, TV, and most couches. Guys usually would rather just chill/watch movies/talk/play video games/and maybe cuddle :) haha.

I hope I helped.

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