Its my best friends party and i dont know what to wear lol its her 13th help please?!

Question: please help

Answers: please help

whatever you want
just be yourself
Natalie x

Hey it me partii lol well y don't you wear a lovely pink and purple frilly dress with matching knickers and bra (if you wear one) lol jokin mayte well i duna it up 2 u lol..x

P.s it not jack it is :s :s :s

Keren .. :( that y i bin askin mayte :( helpppppppppp..x

go wild its a party nobody will care what you wear just what you do although its always good to look good.

hope this helps

I wouldn't go over the top, relax its just a if you want to look cute just dress up some jeans. Get a cute pair of flare or boot cut jeans. A cute pair of black boots and a dressy or casual shirt, Like a v-neck or a button up shirt. You could even pull off a cute black turtle neck sweater. Make sure your boots match your shirt.

Be yourslef .

Wear like a nice tank top and shorts.


Yeah, people that already posted didn't seem that helpful =P Hope I can be of more help. You may want to post in Beauty & Fashion under Fashion & Accessories next time, so you get more "knowledgeable" help.

Anyway, I'm thinking jeans, flats, a colorful shirt (like tshirt) (a fun one!), and your hair in a sloppy bun!....... <3 Have a great time!

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