Know any brilliant drinking games?!

Question: myself and 3 other girls are getting together soon, we plan to stay in my house and have a few drinks then go out... i want to set a fun, upbeat mood (one of the girls need cheering up) so i think some good drinking games are on the agenda!

four /five players
not too complicated
has to actually make us laugh and not drag on or be boring

Answers: myself and 3 other girls are getting together soon, we plan to stay in my house and have a few drinks then go out... i want to set a fun, upbeat mood (one of the girls need cheering up) so i think some good drinking games are on the agenda!

four /five players
not too complicated
has to actually make us laugh and not drag on or be boring

A game my friends and I really enjoy is called Post-It.
You basically get some post it notes and a pen/pencil and take turns writing down the name of a person/place/thing and putting the post it note on the forehead of the person on your left or right. That way everyone but the person wearing the note can see what is on their forehead.

People take turns going around in a circle guessing clues to figure out what they are. A right answer gets you another shot at asking, while a wrong answer gets you a shot of whatever you're drinking :]

Go until everyone is out.

We usually give clues towards the end of the game if the person's person/place/thing is too hard for them to guess.

I have never.

You stand up and claim that you have never .... whatever...
If any of your drinking buddies have do that, they have to stand up and drink some beer.

If no-one else has done it, you have to finish your drink.

Watch the movie "Napoleon Dynamite", do a shot every time Napoleon jerks his head to the side when he talks.

Watch Dude, Where's My Car and take a shot every time someone says "Dude".

Ask embarrasing/ difficult to answer questions to each person in turn. If they don't tell the truth (a simple group vote can decide), they must have a shot.

I have the best and funniest game ever, its hard to explain but bare with me it will be worth it:

You get a pack of cards and then one less spoon than the people taking part in the game.

So lets say there are 4 people playing you get all the Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks from the deck of cards and put 3 spoons in the middle of the table.

You shuffle the cards and deal them out. Now you all look at your cards and decide which suit you will be trying to get 4 of a kind in. Obviously it makes sense to go for whatever you have the most of.

Now you all pass one card that you don't need to your left all at the same time, and then keep passing cards you do not need until one person has 4 of a kind,

The person who gets 4 of a kind then grabs one spoon- as soon as they have gone for a spoon everyone has to grab a spoon as quickly as possible.

whoever is left without a spoon has to drink whatever they have left in their glass!

Trust me this game is hilarious

Fuzzy Duck is a great simple game to play. Just go round the room and each person in turn says "fuzzy duck". Anyone, at any point can say "does he?" and when they do, you change direction and say "ducky fuzz"....until someone else says "does he". Keep going and whenever anyone makes a mistake they have to drink. There are two mistakes you are bound to make - one is more rude than the other. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

Another great one is the spot game. Everyone in the room is given a number 1,2,3,4,5 etc. And someone starts the game (usually number 1) by saying "I'm number one spot, I've got no spots, how many spots has number X spot got" (the person saying it obviously choses a number here). Whatever number is said, that number person then repeats the words above. Whenever anyone makes a mistake they get a spot drawn on their face and have a drink. So obviously the more you get it wrong the more spots you get and you must REMEMBER how many spots you have got to get it right. There's no cheating and looking in mirrors either!!! You can use anything to draw the spots on the face - lipstick or any other make up, or slightly burn the end of a cork from a bottle of wine and this acts as a charcoal type effect which is easy to wash off. Not a great game if you are all wearing make up but it will definitely get some laughs.

Also there is "think while you drink". This can be adapted in anyway you want really, but the principle is always the same. Think of a topic e.g. famous people and you start on the letter A - think of someone famous e.g. Adam Sandler, the next person must then think of someone beginning with the letter S (first letter of surname) and so on. If you say a name like Sharon Stone (both letters the same) change the direction of the circle.

If I think of anymore - I'm sure I can - I'll come back :o)

buy Pigs, silly and fun.

Alcohol chess for the nerdy types (1beer/glass for pawns, 2 for others) Get them drunk 1st to win. You may want to use a gulp instead of a whole glass. The game may kill you if it goes on too long.

Of course yucky quarters. Bounce the quarter in the glass and make someone drink. I suggest washing the quarter 1st. Or use a separate glass so you dont swallow the quarter.

Fuzzy duck is a must!.....such a laugh and gets better the more drunk you all get.

If you dont know the rules they are:

Sit in a circle, someone starts by saying fuzzy duck them you go round in turn saying fuzzy duck, you can change direction by saying duzzy and by changing direction you now say ducky fuzz and it goes on like that, any one who says the wrong words has to either do a shot or down half there drink...or make it harsher if you like.

Other than that you can always play commander says. just like simon says but forfits of drink if you get it wrong.

Have fun......

we used to play a game called Mexican. it is a dice game. you shake 2 dice in a non-transparent cup and flip the cup upside down on a table top so that the dice are concealed. you peak under the cup and see what your dice add up to. you need to beat the person that rolled prior to you.

Mexican is a 1 and a 2. it beats everything else.
lowest score is a 4 (1 and a 3)

so if you roll a 7, the next person needs to roll an 8 or higher.
doubles beat an 11, so double 1's beat a 6 and a 5, but double 2's beat double 1's.

so if i rolled a 9 then you roll an 8 you can bluff and say you rolled a 10 (or something else that beats my 9). if i call and say you are bluffing and you did roll a 10 then I drink. if i call your bluff and you did not beat my roll then YOU drink. the game starts over again after someone drinks.

or someplace like Spencer gifts has a board game called Pass Out. kind of on the lines of Monopoly but instead of Chance Cards there are cards with tongue twister sayings on them. you need to collect 10 cards to win. an example is:

Moses supposes his toses are roses but Moses supposes erroneously. For nobody's toses are posies of roses as Moses supposes his toses to be.

My personal fave, the Smurf Game,
-Go to your local Video hire place and get a couple of DVD's with episodes of the Smurfs on them.
- Before all the drinkers arrive write out all the names of the Smurfs on peices of paper.
-Each drinker draws a Smurf name out of a hat.
- Start up the DVD, each time the name of a Smurf is said out loud on the DVD the person who drew the name out of the hat they have to drink a shot.

Be warned, they usually say each name twice in a row and the people who draw out Smurfette and Papa Smurf will probably need to be carried home.

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