What is everyones favorite past events on thanksgiving?!

Question: something for fun to remember back when you where a child

Answers: something for fun to remember back when you where a child

one time when I was like seven or something, my nana made a turkey, so when she had everything ready they left to go see a movie and then come back and eat but when got back our dogs were apparently smart enough to open the oven, get the turkey and eat it.... we had to go out to eat that day....

going to the Lions Game

All of my drunk uncles arguing and yelling about the football game.

eating our favorite foods

I got no idea.

taking a long nap after eating

the first time my little sister and i went down to see the macy's day parade. my mom stayed home to do the cooking. we stood there amazed by all the noise and the colors. the dancing and the floats and the cheering. we stood there for hours in the chill wind of a winter that was yet to come, reminding us that baseball and summer were over for the year. letting us know that winter and santa claus were just around the corner. and at the end of the parade? there was santa claus on his sleigh, laughing and wishing us all a merry christmas. my sister and i jumped and screamed hysterically because there was santa claus in all his beauty and glory. and just like that, christmas was back.
nowadays, i play with the kids or watch football or go out to the market and buy whatever was forgotten. i turn up my collar against the chill wind of yet another winter coming and another summer gone. and i wish, for just an instant, that i was back in those long ago days, when i was immortal and the world was young and santa claus was there to lead us all on.

Feeling too stuffed to move and never had room for pie. Just too much food all at once.

the kids table......good times, good times

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