My daughter is turning 2 we are doing a small party friends/fam. from 2-4 what food should i serve?!

Question: finger foods like chicken nuggets. make some Jello jigglers.

Answers: finger foods like chicken nuggets. make some Jello jigglers.

I would do some finger food/appetizer kind of things...things that are kid friendly mini corn dogs, vege's and fruits, boneless chicken wings....

veggie and dip, go to the store and buy some of those finger sandwiches and have ice cream and birthday cake for desert.

i would serve fruit and meat (turkey?)maybe some pizza too.

U can serve like llittle finger foods such as a cheese tray, a veegie tray, a cheese tray, some pizza bits, little sandwiches, chips and dip

take hot dogs, cut them in half and wrap with cresent roll dough and bake- you can even spread a little mustard inside the dough before you wrap and bake it, bake them a little longer than the package directions call for.
veggies and dip
taco dip
cheese and sausage

We always do sloppy joes. You can keep the meat hot in a slow cooker.

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