Why don't chinese people eat pizza?!

Question: Why don't chinese people eat pizza?
And what about bananas?


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Actually Pizza is a huge seller in China. You'll find big chains there like Pizza Hut and Dominos as well as a few smaller locally owned ones in the bigger cities. I've got to tell you though, the pizza is quite different (and very good, I agree...I love their spin on it)..

American foods in other countries are changed to suit the tastes of that culture (just like chinese food is changed in america to taste better to americans) and the sauce is much more tomato-ey tasting as well as they tend to love to throw seafood on it. I noticed the dough was also different though I never got to find out how exactly...it seemed sweeter (ok all that have been to China, have you noticed that when they change american food to seem very american..it always gets sweeter?). A friend of mine that owns a chain of Dominos in Beijing invited me to go through a few of his stores when I had expressed my thoughts of also opening one there, the entire process was different and however their commisary is set up (because they were delivered to, at least the main things were) the ingredients are all nice and tasty.

As for Bananas, of course they eat them. I did notice that alot of vegetables and fruits were not quite as sweet or tasty there though, and from what I understand it's because of the chinese soil in parts of the country being too arid. It wasn't like that everywhere, but you can tell how much sense that makes if you ever go to Japan. I remember one sweet specifically that is like, candied apples but instead with wax berries, bananas, and some other fruit.....mmmmmm


Many chinese people love pizza, but in asian cultures (moreso in Japanese culture), cheese is kind of disgusting thought. Most pizza has cheese on it, so ...it is the cheese factor, really.

A pizza chain tried to open in asia about 12 years ago, and failed terribly because the asian clientele got grossed out by ....you guessed it....the cheese issue.

Who said Chinese people don't eat pizza? They love pizza! There are lots of pizza restaurants in Hong Kong. But Chinese people in Hong Kong eat pizza differently...with a fork and a knife. If you pick up a slice of pizza and ate it using your hand you would get many unpleasant stares.

They have banana's year around at the Chinese markets. It's a big seller.

As for pizza? Many Chinese love it.

you kidding? dude I just went to china like 2 years ago... man fk they have the best pizza hut I've ever had in my life.... dude I have no clue what they did to make it so good... fk it was great <3

... o.o'

Yes they do. :P

My Chinese and Chinese-American friends love pizza. And bananas. They even have those foods in China.

My family's Chinese... We love pizza... and bananas...

The same reason Italians don't eat fried rice.

bananas too.

who said they didn't?

i should warn all the Chinese people i see at my local pizza shop!

Do U stand at the pizza parlor and ask R U Chinese?

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