does eating indian food make you fat if you eat it everyday?!

Question: Does eating indian food make you fat if you eat it everyday?
like 2 rotis and some sabjis?


Indians use a lot of ghee in their food (clarified butter) which is pretty much just pure fat. So Indian food is usually very fatty, but there are many recipes that are much healthier versions of Indian dishes.

Weight Watchers has lots of healthy Indian recipes!
Enjoy! :)

My personal opinion is that you can enjoy delicious Indian food every day without the higher calories it often packs. The trick is to keep it animal-free and lower in salt, as this is where the high fat content and the water retention comes in. Also try to make it yourself and avoid restaurant food.

My husband comes from South India and he has been vegetarian since childhood. Even while avoiding meat, he grew up eating a lot of ghee and dairy, which can lead to the extra pounds.

Nowadays at home, we cook fantastic vegan Indian meals without any animal products or fat - just a bit of light olive oil as a base wherever fat is needed. We make the breads on a non-stick pan that doesn't require oil, and we bake the samosas in te oven rather than frying them.

Dairy, ghee, curds, paneer, extra salt, etc. are no longer part of our cooking - and you won't believe how great the food tastes!

Another important part is to no longer cook all the vegetables to oblivion, but to rather keep them with a bit more bite, as they retain their nutritients better if they are cooked less.

So in essence you can say that we are cooking "Indian Health Cuisine" - and no one has ever missed the meat, dairy, or butter - and we are entertaining often, including Indian guests. The trick is to use the wonderful Indian spices, which easily make up for the more fatty, traditional cooking style.

Here is the recipe to one of our favorite potato spinach curries:……

You need to understand it's how you think and what your genes are. Some people can process food better then others.. In general spicy food stimulates the metabolism so that is why in general you won't gain weight or eat as much in fact...

No it wont make you fat, instead pizzas and burgers make you fat. Indian food is healthy as it is cooked properly and include spices.

No you wont but if you dont do any excersice at all it will though just like any food does and dont eat too much white rice either.

Yes, you should know this is you have ever seen pictures of people in India and see how fat they all are.


im pretty sure the answer to that would be no i work for indians and thats what they eat plus no meat and they are not fat at all

lol eating unhealthy american mcdonalds all day will get you looking heavy

Eating 2 rotis and some sabjis would not be a problem in making you fat.


I eat only Indian food for 21 years,
I am not fat

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