Is kobe beef really that good?!

Question: Is kobe beef really that good?
I saw a show last night on food network or the travel channel about kobe beef. The burgers at the res truant were like 41 dollars each. I found a place online that you could buy kobe beef, but it is still a little pricey. Is it worth it?


I had a kobe beef hamburger at a restaurant in columbus, oh called gordon-biersch brewery (there are several throughout the US) and it was the best burger I had ever had. It was not as expensive as you mentioned, about $15 for the burger and fries, which was still $5 more than a regular burger. I have never purchased kobe beef to make at home, but have heard that it is great, and I believe it.
Here is the difference in Kobe beef and Kobe style beef in the US.
"The massive increase in popularity of Kobe beef in the United States has led to the creation of "Kobe-style" beef, taken from domestically-raised Wagyu crossbred with Angus cattle, in order to meet the demand. Farms in America and Britain have attempted to replicate the Kobe traditions, providing their Wagyu herds with beer.[10] U.S meat producers claim that any differences between their less expensive "Kobe-style" beef and true Kobe beef are largely cosmetic.[11] The cattle are fed American and/or British grass and grain, which is different from the more expensive Japanese feed.[7] Cuts of American "Kobe-style" beef tend to have darker meat and a bolder flavor.[12]"

So very similar, but obviously not authentic. so basically if the burger I had was "american style" and it was the best burger I have ever had then I can only imagine what the Real Japanese Kobe must be like!!


Steaks made out of kobe beef are nice but hamburgers made out of kobe beef is just a waste of good beef. With any minced beef, the texture will change rather dramatically. If a piece of kobe beef was grounded into burger, most of its unique, tender texture can not be tasted anymore. Whenever you chew on the patty, the patty will break up before you could even feel the full texture of kobe beef. The unique, tender texture of kobe beef was destroyed. Kobe burgers do taste juicy and tender. Unfortunately, you'll also be able to taste and feel all those extra fats which aren't as apparent when kobe beef was prepared via other methods. In my opinion, any kind of kobe beef burger is not worth the money. I'd rather spend the money on a piece of nice steak instead.

PS: Kobe beef itself is worth the money as long as you don't turn it into burgers. You will not be able to appreciate the qualities of kobe beef nearly as much when it was turned into burgers. Kobe beef should be allowed to "perform" at its full potential.

Yes, it is. The passage below makes everyone's mouth water!
One of the most important factors for grading beef quality is "marbling", which refers to the fine white layers of fat that run through lean beef and intensify flavor and tenderness. "The Wagyu" has excellent marbling that makes it the most flavorful and tender beef in the world! Furthermore, the fat in "The Wagyu Kobe Beef" melts at just 77F (25C), a lower temperature than any other beef. This explains why "The Wagyu Beef " melts in your mouth for the ulimate burst of flavor from every mouth watering bite.

Real Kobe beef from Japan is a taste sensation. Japanese beef is the most tender beef in the world. Japan`s Wagyu cattle are pampered, fed beer and massaged daily, sometimes with sake, and played classical music for relaxation to produce the best premium beef in the world. My favourite Wagyu beef in Japan comes from Matsuzaka in Mie Prefecture. I also like Hida beef from the mountains of Gifu in Japan and recommend you try it in Takayama, Japan. The Hida beef sushi from the main street in Takayama is really good and so are the Hida beef patties.

Japan Australia Blog…

Yes, they are really GOOD: tender and melt away in your mouth. But remember it is high in fat, unfortunately.

If you get an opportunity to have kobe beef, have a steak, not a burger. The premium taste and texture of Kobe beef can be only enjoyed in the form of steak or thin sliced "SHABU SHABU" ... a pot sticker dish... please google it. I am not certain how to describe it. But we never make ground beef out of KOBE BEEF to make burgers in Japan. It is just a waste of premium beef.

But most of the Kobe beef I have seen in restaurants in here US is just a name brand of "KOBE BEEF" and those cows aren't fed/ raised the way that real KOBE BEEF's cows in Japan are. So you may be just paying for the premium name steak. And so not worth it. I suggest that you check where the beef came from. I hope you can find a restaurant that serves real KOBE BEEF.

I miss Kobe beef in Japan!!

I have actually never had a real one but I have heard it is the best beef. If it cost $41.00 it is the real thing. I wouldn't by the beef over the internet unles I knew the source well, especially if I had never had it before. Be sure you are getting kobe and not American Kobe.

That $15.00 burger from Gordon Biersch is not real...It's American Kobe. Authenic Kobe is not the real deal.

My mother is a chef

I think its a bit overrated, but yes its good. $41 for a kobe beef burger is a little excessive, and if I paid $41 for a half pound of kobe, it surely wouldn't be in a burger

Yes, it is. It isn't your everyday beef, but an especial treat. And it is so very good!

Sun people like eating a fat person fats. I can get 41 double burger better.

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