Any way to combat against spicy?!

Question: Any way to combat against spicy?
I'm participating in a habanero-pepper eating contest in English class tomorrow. We each get one pepper, put the whole thing in our mouths at the same time, and whoever can hold his/her composure the longest wins. No standing, yelling, waving your arms around, etc.

I've eaten other kinds of peppers before which are slightly milder than the habanero, but never this kind. I'm generally pretty good with spicy food, but I was wondering if anyone knew of ways to combat against the intensity of heat prior to eating the pepper?

My friend suggested something numbing, such as Orajel. Would this be effective in the slightest? I read about a man gargling and swallowing olive oil to coat his mouth and throat and protect against the heat, but I'm not sure if that will be fully effective.

I know that dairy is the best cure AFTER eating something spicy, but I'm trying to one-up my opponents by coming prepared.

Any tips?


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Swishing with vegetable oil works, Orajel does not (I've tried both when eating Jolokia Peppers). Make sure to put on non-medicated Chap Stick for your lips, too. Good luck!

Youghurt is better than milk for controlling the capsein (right spelling?) found in chillis. But you would have to eat some just before you do the chiili, so that it coats the whole of your mouth and is still there when the chilli is put into the mouth. If the rules allow you to do this, then it is your best choice.

Saw it on the Discovery channel

Pretend to chew it, but don't.

Tell everyone ahead of time that you arn't going to open your mouth because that will make it hotter (which is true).

Then when the contest is over chew it fast so it looks like it was chewed the entire time.

Why not just give up if you can't handle the heat.. I say don't cheat. :-)

Look for loopholes in the rules.
for example, you have to put the whole pepper in your mouth, but do you have to chew the pepper?

Chew as little as possible. The more oil you break out of the walls of the pepper the more intense the pain is going to be!

Why not just milk? Lots and lots of milk. Milk and other dairy products have a special protein that cools down the spiciness. NEVER use water for it swishes the spice around.

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