What can I eat at a chinese buffet?!

Question: What can I eat at a chinese buffet?
My boyfriend wants to go out to lunch at a chinese buffet today, but I like to eat healthy - so is there anything good I can eat?...I'm sure there's not much, but I don't want to deprive him of his favorite food!


Most Chinese buffets have a wide variety of foods, soup and a salad bar.

There are a lot of veggie stir-fry to choose from, soups and dumplings.

As mentioned by others, avoid or minimize the deep fried food - egg rolls, battered shrimp, sweet and sour pork... etc.

Look for some vegetables. A little protein wont hurt. Maybe try the beef broccoli stuff (one of my favorites) If you like to eat healthy then you probably wont want anything fried. You can also get some white rice without anything in it.

There are a few dishes you can have - they may have a carving station there - you can have some of the meat there. Have some steamed rice, with some of the veggie dishes.

many have a stir-fried vegitable dish that would be very good

avoid the thick sauce foods (lots of sugar)
and avoid the fried foods
and especially avoid the ones that are both, like sweet & sour chicken, and similar dishes

Stir-fry. basically any vegetables are going to be fried in fat, so that is as close as u are gonna get
also rice and meat that is not fried in fat, don't get sweet n sour chicken

I like to eat healthy too. I always stick with the chicken dishes, veggies, and rice.

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