I am Mexican but I really don't beans or tortillas.?!

Question: I am Mexican but I really don't beans or tortillas.?
Can i get arrested or deported?


No, just be thankful you live in a time when you have access to other foods.

You SHOULD be deported for sucking on the tax dollars of American citizens and logging onto sites like this when you can't even put a coherent sentence together.

What? I love mexican food and have no mexican in me whatsoever!

me, myself, and i :P

i'm English and i dont really like fish and chips or pies! but i do like Beans and Tortillias........ fancy doing a swap?!?

No, I don't think it's against the law. Getting arrested for not liking tortillas is bull crap.

you'll be deported for your stupidity

I am English and don't like Roast Beef or Fish and Chips!! Uh Oh POlice on their wayxxxxxx

Hahaha...but seriously, you DO eat beans right? If not I have to deport you...


OMG you could be sentenced to death goodluck

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