Singapore style noodles?!

Question: Singapore style noodles?
How do I make authentic Singapore style noodles so it tastes like it came from the Chinese restaurant or takeaway.


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There are quite a few Singapore noodle recipe in this link. You'll need to scroll down the page though.:…

@rockschool: According to the recipe you recommended, rice vinegar and MIRIN (Japanese SWEET rice wine) are interchangeable. The recipe also used bacon....

Rice vinegar = mirin?!: This is a very good indication that you should toss the recipe out of the window immediately! Mirin is not sour at all.

Bacon: Is there a Singapore style bacon available? Or, is bacon one of the western foods? Fusion is not authentic.

Prep time:20 min
Cook time:20 min

Give your local takeaway a miss tonight - Ching-He Huang’s stunning noodles are packed with prawns, chicken, bacon, fried egg and vegetables…

2 tbsp groundnut oil
1 tbsp chopped ginger, root
1 finely chopped deseeded red chilli
5 fresh shiitake mushrooms, sliced
1-2 tbsp ground turmeric
175 g raw tiger prawns, shelled and deveined
100 g bacon, finely chopped
1 red pepper, seeds removed, sliced
handful carrots, sliced into batons
handful bean sprouts
100 g cooked chicken breasts, shredded
250 g dried vermicelli noodles, soaked in hot water for 10 minutes
1 tsp dried red chilli flakes
2 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp clear rice vinegar, or Mirin or cider vinegar
1 egg, lightly beaten
dashes of sesame oil
2 spring onions, sliced lengthways

1. Heat the oil in a wok and stir-fry the ginger, chilli, mushrooms and turmeric for a few seconds.

2. Add the prawns and fry for about a minute, or until they start to turn pink. Tip in the bacon and cook for less than a minute. Add the red pepper, carrot and bean sprouts and cook for a further minute; then add the cooked chicken and stir well

3. Drain the noodles and tip them into the wok. Cook for 2 minutes; then stir in the dried chillies, soy sauce, oyster sauce and vinegar.

4. Add the beaten egg and stir gently until the egg is cooked through. Sprinkle over sesame oil, to taste. Garnish with the spring onions and serve immediately.… so much better for you and tastes really really good!!

Sorry it would take far too long for me to explain that.
\Just go to the restaurant, or even Singapore :)

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