What is a good dish to eat with Naan?!

Question: What is a good dish to eat with Naan?
i'm going to make some Indian food, chicken curry, couscous, and naan..... what is a good dish to eat with naan?


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Chicken tikka masala

Naan is essentially a bread. Traditionally, naan is eaten with just a spread of ghee on it while its still hot. But, I personally like it with just plain butter. With any bread, you need some form of liquid to soak into the fibers of the bread for it to taste heavenly. So, any curry or stews should be fine. Depending on your guests, you could try making a lamb dish. Keema naans are just superb! Have you tried it? Yummy!

You can try the following dishes with Naan -

Dal Makhani
Chicken Lababdar
Chicken Tikka Masala
Malai Kofta
Chicken Dopiyaza (Chicken with double onion)
Paneer Butter Masala
Chicken Chaap

All the above recipes can be found at: http://www.bestofkanchan.com/?s=naan&sea…

The most ordered side-dish for naan according to recent survey in south India is Paneer Butter Masala.
But my choice would be Malai Kofta...

The chicken curry sounds good. Anything with a sauce you can dip the naan in would work.

I'd go with chicken tikka masala, or some sort of vindaloo (lamb or shrimp).

chicken tika masala

serving it with the curry and couscous is fine. I'd add some chutney and yogurt.

Tandoori mixed grill

Curry or mi goreng.

Chicken Korma or Mattar Paneer gets my vote.

That would be enough as a meal.

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