What are some popular vegetarian Indian dishes?!

Question: What are some popular vegetarian Indian dishes?
What are some popular vegetarian Indian dishes?


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Dal Makhani
Mattar Paneer
Aloo Gobi
for North Indian

for South Indian
Coconut chutney
Salna (with roadside Parottas)

Common vegetarian dishes are made of fresh vegetables, legumes (Pulse), milk, wheat, and rice. Dairy and Legumes are a major source of protein in Indian vegetarian diet.

1. Potato is the most consumed vegetable in India, followed by pumpkin. Potatoes are cooked into dry curry in combination with another vegetable such as carrots, spinach, fenugreek greens. Potato based stew-like curries are made in combination with tomatoes, green peas, cauliflower.
Boiled potatoes are used to make spicy stuffing for pan-fried breads (Paratha), ever popular snack called Samosa.
2. Paneer is Indian cheese. It is second most popular item used in making vegetarian dishes. It is used to make curries Shahi Paneer, Matar Paneer, Palak Paneer. Snacks such as Paneer Kebab and Paneer Pakoda are common.
In addition to Paneer, fresh yogurt is made overnight and eat as-is or as a cold soup called Raita.
3. The legumes are eaten every day in a vegetarian household. Legumes are a major source of protein in Indian diet. The popular legumes are: Chickpeas, Pigeon peas, Black matpe, and Mung beans
4. Fresh flat breads are made of whole grain wheat flour known as Atta. The breads are made fresh with each meal.
5. In South India, Rice is eaten daily as a part of main meal.

curried veggies, curried cauliflower and potato
spring rolls
curried chickpeas
lentil: dahl/dal & roti bread for dipping
pakoras (veggie fritters)
dosas (indian crepes)

our local vegetarian indian restaurant and my own experience

Here are few home made Indian vegetarian recipes: http://www.bestofkanchan.com/tag/veg/

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