What's a Japanese food that needs to be cut?!

Question: What's a Japanese food that needs to be cut?
Can someone tell me the Japanese name of some food that needs to be cut as part of a dish? and maybe write a few steps to making that dish? lol, I'm writing an anime fanfic and I'm having one character cook another some traditional Japanese dinner, but I don't know how to make any traditional Japanese dishes xD


Not a lot of Japanese food seems to be cut...there isn't a lot of meat. But I thought about it and came up with these.

I think Shabu Shabu needs to be cut. The thin slices of meat are dunked in something like a boiling broth.

Sashimi (raw fish) is usualy cut into slices for shape.

Sukiyaki uses cut/chopped vegetables as well as meat.

The steps aren't exactly simple, and I guess many recipes vary with one's personal style and taste. There are numerous recipes online.

I hope this sort of helped...

Eating lots of Japanese food... :3

Fish that is cut for sushi is Japanese way.



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