What is Bubble and Squeak in British cuisine?!

Question: What is Bubble and Squeak in British cuisine?

Bubble and squeak is a traditional English dish made with the shallow-fried leftover vegetables from a roast dinner. The chief ingredients are potato and cabbage, but carrots, peas, brussels sprouts, and other vegetables can be added. It is traditionally served with cold meat from the Sunday roast, and pickles. Traditionally, the meat was added to the bubble and squeak itself, although nowadays it is more commonly made without meat. The cold chopped vegetables (and cold chopped meat if used) are fried in a pan together with mashed potatoes or crushed roast potatoes until the mixture is well-cooked and brown on the sides.


It is often clled traditional or comfort, but it is basically fried leftovers, mainly potatoes and cabbage.
It is the noise that it makes as it cooks that gives the name.

For some here in NZ it was merely called a 'fry-up' or 'hash'.


My late ex mother- in- law, who was Irish, made it exactly as emgee describes, cubed potatoes and shredded cabbage fried in lard until they turn brown and develop a crust.

My late ex mother-in-law

Cabbage and potatoes cooked in lard. Flipped over and fried on both sides. It makes sounds as it fries, hence Bubble and Squeak.

A traditional English dish typically made from vegetable leftovers, like potatoes and cabbage. YThis dish is fried in vegetable oil.

personal knowledge

corned beef & cabbage!!!

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