what is the healthiest possible sandwich that i could eat?!

Question: What is the healthiest possible sandwich that i could eat?
i like butter and jelly sandwiches and they make me feel aaaaaaaaaaaaaalright but i would like to branch out to other sandwiches that also make me feel very nice or possibly even better. p.s. i already know about salami and honey sandwiches


A honey ans salami sandwich sounds scrumptious.

Your avatar is creepy. Best sandwiches are pastrami sandwiches. But oh healthy.... well @#$% hm... vegetable sandwich or at least a lean meat sandwich on wheat or rye bread (anything not white bread tends to be better for you) don't spread any mayonnaise on it and low fat cheese.

Roasted turkey sandwich on sourdough bread. Arabella lettuce, or spinach, and mozzarella cheese. Grill your sandwich and wahlah :)

subway dude. subway. Look at Jared Fogle.

..yeah umm dunno haha

lettuce n' ham

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