is it possible to eat thai food?!

Question: Is it possible to eat thai food?
it taste so bad


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So, clearly you don't like it. Lots of people, obviously Thai people included, really enjoy good Thai food. I am one of them. But, if you are from a family with that had a limited palate, or you just don't like spicy foods, or are simply an unadventurous eater, maybe you will never "get there." If I were you I would I try to optimize my Thai food experience by going to great restaurants with friends that really like it or by attending Thai cultural festivals. Read about Thai food and seek out what sounds good. If after that, you are just not feeling it, then just forgive yourself. There's a lot of good food in the world and it's totally OK not to like some of it.

Twenty-three years in Asia.

You may want to check with your doctor, 'Bob', there may be something seriously wrong with your taste-buds....unless YOU are fine and it's the 66 million folks that live in Thailand (plus millions more outside Thailand) that have a "tasting problem" of some sort...

Maybe you just keep going to the wrong restaurant(s)?

i do like some thai food when my mom makes it.. wierdly my moms spanish but she makes some bad *** thai style chicken with peanut sauce or something like that.. i like their stir fry's too and.. is it pad thai yeah? i think that's what it's called anyways that's pretty delish

yes, you just don't know how to make thai food OR go to any good thai food places. THAT, or you're too use to the taste of mcdonalds that you cant taste anything else.

I love Thai food! I have ate it plenty of times, and I think it is delicious! Now I have a question for you: Is it possible to eat Indian food?

Yes it is. So fragrant and so delicious. Try different items, something may tickle your taste buds.

You must not have ordered the food at a good restaurant. Try another place or maybe make your own.

For your health I hope you never eat the bad food !
Health is much more important than other thing.

Yes, you can learn to like it.

It actually tastes very good. I don't see why you dislike it

Yes! why not?

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