how to say i like chicken wings in japanese?!

Question: How to say i like chicken wings in japanese?

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I'm not a Japanese language expert but I think I know the names to some Japanese food items.

"TEBA" (chicken is a given) and "toriteba" both mean chicken wings. Since this question was asked in foods, I'd assume that you wanted to order chicken wings. So, "teba kudasai" or "toritaba kudasai".


If you use the sentences the other two gave you, you'll only get weird looks.

Yes, that's the Japanese word for "chicken wing" but since you're referring to a specific dish, you'd probably just the English loan word:

"Chikkin uingu"

(watashi wa, chikkin uingu ga suki desu.)

I like chicken wings.

Watashi wa tori no teba(niku) ga suki desu.


Hope this helps, :D


you will need to have a Japanese font installed on your computer to read this

Who cares; just say it in Italian. (Hey Tony Chickena Winga For Two. OK? OK!)

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