Can Muslims eat food that is cooked with intoxicants?!

Question: Can Muslims eat food that is cooked with intoxicants?
I noticed more than one verse in The Noble Qur'an where intoxicants are strictly forbidden. However, when used in cooking, the intoxicating properties of intoxicants are removed. When the intoxicating properties of an intoxicant are completely removed, is it a sin in Islam to eat,drink, or otherwise consume the final product?


Not really as i read somewhere the alcohol doesnt burn off altogether ( so it wouldnt be allowed

It depends how religious the person is. My husband is muslim and he will eat things cooked in wine or with alcohol added and so will his brother and his wife but he has a couple sisters and friends who would freak out if they found out I put alcohol in their food so I have to leave it out when they come over for dinner. I think technically it isn't allowed but some people eat it anyways like how technically woman are supposed to wear a hajib but I see tons of muslim women who don't wear it.

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