What are some simple Asian dishes?!

Question: What are some simple Asian dishes?

sushi: lay out some seaweed, put sticky rice over it, then mix crab or tuna etc with mayo n layer that now roll it and sprinkle on sesime seeds

beef noodles: make noodles, make beef you can stir fry it with veggies serve with dumplings etc

fried rice sweet n sour: stir fry your meat with some sweet sour sauce add a drop of hoisin to it, then just go ahead and add the boiled rice to the wok and fry it alongside egg or you can add in boiled peas etc

A bowl of fragrant, tasty Japanese rice with an "umeboshi" (salted plum) on top. Super simple but very satisfying.

Twenty-three years in Japan.

Sushi is very simple,also cold soba salad.

There are quite a few basic stir fries that can be prepared in less then 15 minutes, with minimal mess.

stir fries are both easy to cook and tasty as well.so do spring rolls and dumplings.

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