What type of food is puta?!

Question: What type of food is puta?
And what culture(s) is it from?


Puto is a steamed rice cake popular in the Philippines. It's usually eaten as a dessert, but can also be eaten for breakfast dipped into or paired with a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate. There are many variations to the recipe ranging from the type of rice used to the method in which the rice is prepared. In its traditional form, puto is of a plain white color. Adding certain common Filipino ingredients like ube and pandan slightly changes the flavor and completely changes the color of the finished product. Likewise, food coloring can be added to change the puto’s color but still keep its original flavor. Most varieties often include the addition of coconut milk and this influences the flavor. Puto is not a rich, decadent dish. It tastes mostly like rice but slightly sweeter. Recipes that call for vanilla will produce an even sweeter puto, but traditionally it tastes similar to the almost bland southern cornbread. Puto’s has a spongy and slightly fluffy texture. It is light and airy and biting into one feels like biting into a much firmer piece of Angel cake.

It is not a food, it is something else. In Spanish.
That said, there is a spaghetti sauce called "puttanesca" (from the same root word), which is somewhat spicy and made with anchovies.

putha or pootha is from Andhra Pradesh
a famous recipe is Pootha Rekulu, pootha means coating. its a sweet dish known as paper sweets for the rice coating looks like paper

It's actually Puto and it's Filipino dessert. Very tasty and sweet.

puta in Spanish means pussy

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