What is the best relief for spicy foods?!

Question: What is the best relief for spicy foods?

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Almond Milk
Bread, but you have to keep the bread on your tongue
That's all I can think of just whatever you do don't do water it only swishes around the spicyness.

I'll go with milk but it's actually milk products...sour cream is one of my favorites just to mix into the food itself, or drinking milk between bites.

Some other things can work but not quite as well in my experience, though alcohol is a solvent for capsaicin so beer/etc should be good.

Milk, Ice cream, cream or sweet food like chutney.
In Indian cuisine you'll find all the cooling food you need in the menu. They will always have a selection of chutneys or better still is Raita which is Yogurt with cucumber and mint mixed into it

nothing. when i've had something suuuuuper burn-your-mouth-till-you-cry spicey, i've tried bread, water, milk and tea. NOTHING helps. you just have to get over the heat. it'll go away sooner or later.

Milk or Water.


Dont drink water even though it sounds like the obvious thing to try

try milk and bread, they are the most affective



although it doesn't sound right, drink warm milk or tea

anything cold or sweet.

Just like a hangover, sleep it off.


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