I ate just a couple of bites of the chicken and rice dish?!

Question: I ate just a couple of bites of the chicken and rice dish?
where you heat it up in the microwave for 90 sec. It tasted a little funny. I ate ONLY like 2 bites of it, and drank water. What going to happend. am i going to be okay?


Normally spoken two bites can't really hurt you.
But if you feel nausea or just a little sick then you should keep an eye on it and if it doesn't get better, I would go to a doctor if I were you. Just sleep on it :)

If the chicken was cooked thoroughly when it was cooked the first time you have less chances of getting food poisoning. If the food wasn't molded or left out for a long time before you reheated, and ate a few bites, you should be just fine. Especially since you had very little of it.

I don't think you'll die unless somebody laced it with cyanide

Don't worry, you won't die just yet; maybe tomorrow!

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